I suck at writing

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If I setup a cute writing desk, the words will come ... right?

per·fec·tion·ist 1



  1. Someone who takes fucking ages to do even a basic task because it has to be ‘perfect’

Thanks, Urban Dictionary.

To say that I don’t know how to finish tasks might be the understatement of the year.

Fun fact: I never applied to college!

So… yeah. That happened.

I spent pretty much every night of the fall & winter of my senior year writing college application essays. Like a lot of them. Every night, I would wait until my parents went to bed (I may have told them that I already applied…) and then sneak downstairs to lay in front of the fireplace and write essays.

We had one of those gas fireplaces that you can switch on. I remember feeling like the fireplace filled the room with some kind of warm glow of magical fairy writing inspirational superpowers!

Armed with my favorite blue gel pen and a stack of college ruled paper (and my superpowers), I had all of the perfect ingredients to cook up the perfect essay! This would surely get me into Brown…

Spoiler alert: it didn’t

Actually finishing one of my essays would have helped. And, ya know, sending it?

Oh! And then my parents found out that I never actually sent aplications to any of the schools that they flew me around the country to see. Funnnnnnn times, let me tell ya…

Just like I said. I seriously don’t know how to finish tasks.

15 years later

I’ve come a long way from that ‘wonderful’ adventure that was High School.

I did actually end up going to college. Two colleges, actually! And I moved across the country (twice). I got married (then divorced). I bought a house (then sold it). I pay taxes. I quit smoking. I floss (sometimes). I landed myself a fancy career. I even fold my socks so they’re no longer potato-like lumps that roll about in my drawer.

Dude, I #adult like nobody’s friggin business!

Except for one thing…

I’m still a completely broken human being when it comes to actually finishing things.

And it totally sucks.

per·fec·tion·ist 2



  1. It can be both a blessing and a curse

But then I had a thought.

“So what if I’m no good at finishing things?”

I still kick ass at #adulting in other ways. You can’t win ‘em all, right?

Plus, isn’t everything kind of a work in progress?

I love to keep a tidy house. But I tweak it a little bit every day.
I love making tomato sauce. But I tweak it little bit every time.
I suck at writing. But I try a little bit harder with every post.

I am a work in progress.